Proprietary Pedagogy

Our classes are much richer than the traditional lecture format. To make topics come alive, we use selected movie-clips, documentaries and literature. To better develop useful life-skills, we integrate debates, discussions and role- plays into the curriculum.

For junior classes, we use a blend of practical, activity based learning, and stimulating analytical applications. Abstract concepts are introduced through specially designed physical apparatus. The innovative teaching methods, combined with alternative seating arrangements allow both freedom of movement and thought.

We use an in-house designed, classroom-tested basic skills development program to integrate vernacular medium students into standard curriculum. After a year into our school, such children develop the ability to speak fluently and read English-language story-books independently. In Math and Science, we wean them away from rote learning by continuous exposure to thinking-oriented exercises.

We spent over two years creating these teaching aids - longer than the time it takes to construct a school building! This correctly reflects our belief that the systems of teaching and learning are more important than the bricks-and-mortar component of the school.