About us

Arghya Banerjee

Arghya, the founder of Levelfield, is an IIT-IIM alumnus. He is the former Co-Head of Irevna (a leading equity research outsourcing house, a Standard and Poors company). Arghya was one of the early founding members of Irevna, and helped to ramp up the firm to 500 people. A strong believer in the transformative power of high-quality school education, he traded in his corporate career for a more significant, long-lasting impact.

Before Irevna, he worked in the investment banking space in India, with ICICI Securities. Arghya holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Given his experience, Arghya has a deep understanding of the skills necessary to succeed in the world we are in today - and to better anticipate the future. Always passionate about developing talent, his ideas around education crystallized as he started evaluating schools for his daughter. The leading schools in the large cities, while big on infrastructure, seemed lacking in thought and philosophy. So he set out to create his own - a school where children would learn to think, rather than to memorize facts. A school where learning will be fun as well as effective. A school which will prepare the smaller town children for a modernized world and global career.

Due to Levelfield’s outstanding success, Arghya has been invited as a speaker in various education conferences - most notably in ‘School of Tomorrow’ conference and National Independent School’s Alliance (NISA) conference. His views on new-age teaching methodologies are frequently sought by media and other school leaders.

Asima Banerjee

Asima co-founded the Levelfield School along with Arghya and played a big role in creating the unique teaching system that the school uses. An avid reader herself, getting the children to read fluently was her passion – and she was instrumental in conceiving and implementing the Graded Reading Program that Levelfield currently uses. She also has a deep understanding of the Montessori method and has developed the pre-primary curriculum basing her approach around a child’s inherent urge towards worldly exploration and self-realisation.
Passionate about the arts, Asima is an award-winning designer. Being a professionally qualified designer and having had a private practice before, Asima has worked on the design aspects and the physical set-up of the school. She has created the school’s logo and the architectural plan. Having been actively involved in the everyday operations of the school in the early years involving creating lesson plans, training and recruitment etc, Asima currently focuses more on the content development division of the venture.