For two months each, after the students’ 10th standard (IGCSE) exams, and again after their 11th standard (mostly Advanced placement) exams, students spend their whole time in an internship with the school. The internship program is designed to give some students even more intensive work experience than they normally get in our school. During the time of internship, they teach junior classes, or work on specific software / teaching content development projects with us.

What is truly astonishing about our internship program is that it is scheduled exactly at the time when most similarly placed students in India are extraordinarily busy with their own academics: attending coaching centres and private tuitions for their entrance exams at the end of the 12th standard. It is at the very time, our students shift their focus away from the self, and towards serving others. We believe education is not only about exams, it’s about preparing students for life. And it’s the internship program that teaches the students more about life, work, responsibility, and working with others than any exam-oriented subject can.

Our internship program works: the senior students come out of the internship becoming much more responsible, with a greater appreciation of this great education that they received in this rural corner of India. As a result, they are much more determined to make it worthwhile when they finally get busy with their own studies. We have seen that this gap-months actually enhances their final academic performance rather than harming it. And of course, they become better individuals.