Intensive Teacher Training

The management team has put in significant preparation to plan out every hour of classroom teaching that happens in our school. To ensure that our teachers implement our lesson plans in the classroom, we need to spend a substantial time with the teachers, so that they absorb our teaching philosophy, and know how to use specific teaching aids. Hence, our teachers would have a full-day at school (9-10 hours), as opposed to students (5-6 hours) - getting trained in our teaching methods, doing educational research, preparing for next class etc.

Our advanced teaching methodologies, and focus on research, creativity and planning mean that our teachers are more than just fluent in English. They have superior intelligence and creativity, to absorb and deliver using the innovative teaching aids. They need to be dedicated enough to give the school a large portion of their time, as opposed to normal schools. We believe in ability and passion, rather than experience. Our case-study based teacher selection process tests creativity, intelligence and application-orientation.