We believe that one of the key objectives of education is to prepare students for work-life – and nothing prepares them better than actually working on real-life problems. And our school itself can provide that experience: a 500-student strong school, that too a school set up in a rural area offering world-class international curriculum, can offer plenty of avenues of real-world challenges.

We do not have to particularly make up or create any such avenues for gaining work skills: with our high ambition and global standards, we genuinely want our highly qualified senior students to help us out in running the school. So our students work with us in creating our reading module or library of thinking oriented problems, they help us automate those through apps and web-based programs, they teach some of the junior classes, they run the canteen, they manage the school’s social media presence (blogs, twitter and Facebook), they run our network infrastructure, they organize annual events, and they even interface with the parents of junior classes.

All these feed into their own academic performance as well. As they handle responsibilities of others, they become responsible about their own academics. They understand the school’s philosophy better and are more committed to making it work by actively following our school’s directions related to deep-reading, deep-thinking and deep-conversations. They enforce discipline themselves, so that we don’t have to.

This is a unique way to run the school, and it works beautifully. Our senior students, with their exceptional results, will go to the best colleges in the world; and for a little while, they are indeed the best teachers and mentors of junior students of our school. It’s the way we teach them about gratitude, about giving back: which is one of the main values of the school.