Our fee-structure is created keeping in mind the income levels of a typical district town population. We have many micro-innovations in our operating model, which lets us charge a much lower fee, while delivering a quality of education which is at par with the best schools in the metro-cities.

Some of those innovations are related to our infrastructure - the way we use indigenous materials and local art & craft to reduce construction cost. Some others are related to optimal use of our assets - better use of school infrastructure through multiple timings, and creation of additional revenue channels to leverage our intellectual property. In terms of teacher hiring also, our fully developed lesson plans helps us ‘make, rather than buy’. We conduct intensive training of young and intelligent teachers, rather than going for long years of experience - thereby reducing cost and creating uniformity in classroom experience.

Our fee-structure for 2014-15 session is given below. Please note that this base fee-structure applies only for the 2014-15 session and will undergo inflation-adjusted revision in each subsequent year. In addition to these fees, there would be admission fees for new students, which are notified at the time of admission each year.

Base fee structure for 2014 session (In Rs)

Level Tuition fees Infrastructure charges Library charges Computer charges Stationary charges Total fees per month
Pre-primary (Pre-LKG, LKG, UKG) 1600 300 0 0 100 2000
Junior school (Class I-IV) 2000 500 150 0 250 2900
Middle school (Class V-VIII) 2400 500 300 200 400 3800