Application-Oriented Learning

In real world - in career and life, the answers you memorize in school do not take you very far. One needs to develop the ability to think, analyze, and communicate. Sadly, we are sent into the real world poorly equipped in those skills.

Not any more. At our school, we encourage the students to connect learning to real-world, by constantly asking application-oriented questions. Our innovative in-class-exercises and out-of-class projects sharpen the minds of the students, rather than their memory.

We give our students exposure to integrated learning - because in real-life, situations do not come neatly packaged as a ‘history’ problem, or a ‘science’ issue. In history, a revolution is often sparked by economic inequities, a war by geographical disputes. Geography again is interlinked with physics and chemistry. We open our students’ minds to boundless possibilities of learning, not limited to standard textbooks or syllabus.