About us

The Levelfield Schools is an award-winning initiative to provide affordable, yet high-quality education to the students in non-metro-city areas. The world-class education imparted by these schools provide a ‘level-playing field’ to the students of district towns, vis-a-vis their metro city counterparts. The first of these schools has been launched in the district town of Birbhum (West Bengal) in 2010 April session, and has already made a strong impact on the students and the community.

The Levelfield School combines ‘earth-architecture’ based ashramic ambience with a state-of-the-art, modern learning infrastructure. There are laptops and projectors in each class in middle and senior school for teaching according to computer-aided lesson plans. There are activity-based learning kits for junior classes, a library with books of all genres, and a large collection of movies and educational documentaries.

However, the biggest difference is the teaching method used in the classrooms. Our classes are much richer than the traditional lecture format. To make topics come alive, we use selected movie-clips, documentaries and literature. To better develop useful life-skills, we integrate debates, discussions and role plays into the curriculum. And all of those have been pre-designed for the teachers through comprehensive session plans - ensuring their implementation in the classrooms.